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Beat Excess Baggage Fees & Clumsy Multi-Pocket Vest In One Go

Is it a Bag or Is it a Vest?

No – It’s Bagket….. which looks real cool either to wear or to carry




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London, U.K. -- In these days of frequent miles and globetrotting, we are all jetsetters now. Even seasoned travellers among us never fail to experience a rush of excitement and heady anticipation as we approach the check-in desk, passport in hand, ready for another adventure to far-off lands. However, as most of us also know, this ritual has now been complicated and dampened by the "small” matter of excess baggage fees which often leave us fuming and frustrated before we even leave the ground.


Consumers have a reason to be upset. All those extra cost add up!! In fact, US airlines alone made over $4B (in 2010 as quoted by Amedeus & IdealWorks report) and in U.K. a staggering £186M (in 2010 as quoted by The Telegraph) in terms of excess baggage revenue. That number is expected to double by the end of this year. But don’t worry – that is all going to change!!

They say "necessity is the mother of invention.” This is decidedly the case with the inventor at Bagket Limited. They, like most of us, have felt stung by the extra charge of excess baggage too many times, and decided to do something about it. The Bagket is the result!! Now, Bagket Limited would like to share the wonderful benefits of the Bagket with all of us.

We often heard that people refuse to look silly in any clown-like multi pocket vest in order "to deal with one hand baggage and nil free check-in luggage policy”, Bagket certainly isn’t a run-of-the-mill product. The inventor explains that it’s the perfect solution to help you tackle the problem in style.

Bakget is expertly designed and extremely versatile. It is a tailored 22 pocket vest made from high quality and durable Polyamides, and can hold approximately 10 kg of your belongings of various shapes, sizes, and weight – such as your laptops, ipads, mobile phones, books, passports and clothing. The list is endless!!

But – here’s the ingenious secret – when you have gone past check in, Bagket quickly and easily converts into a smart shoulder bag.

The inventor of Bagket, who is also responsible for the Bagkets’s UK sales and distribution says, "Most airlines only allow one piece of hand luggage that weighs no more than 5-10 kg, depending on the airline. I now suggest that everyone supplement it with a Bagket – giving you the luxury and convenience of a second piece of carry-on hand luggage at no additional expense. You will look AND act smart either wearing it as a vest or carrying it as a bag”. and , "there is no longer the need to look like a clown by wearing any other multi -pocket vests or to ‘sneak’ personal belongings under the ever-watchful eyes of check-in staff!”

And how much would the Bagket cost? We save the best news for the last. " Bagket " would in effect pay for itself after two check-ins. Afterwards, the money saved from avoiding excess baggage charges is all money in your pocket.”

Bagket can be used by cyclists in place of bulging rear bags. Mother with babies can carry the paraphernalia of bottles, nappies, toys, etc on Bagket, no longer having to rummage in the buggy in desperation for things. And the Bagket is an ideal overnight bag too.

Finally, most people like to keep their prized possessions with them for fear of losing it in transit. Well, Bagket is the answer. And when fellow passenger join the rush to reclaim their luggage in the baggage hall, it would be time for "Bagketer” to wave their proud farewell and departing swiftly from the airport!

So, say goodbye to the fees and the hassle – and hello to the Bagket! Please visit Bagket website at

About The Bagket

The Bagket is an innovative bag/vest cross-over that contains 22 handy pockets.

It can be worn as a vest or carried as a smart shoulder bag – and can hold approximately 10kg of belongings.

The Bagket is available for sale online at

Design Registration : OHIM, No. 001820713-0001

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