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Is it a bag or is it a jacket vest? It’s both….its "BAGKET”!!

"Travel”-April 7, 2012-"Low-cost airlines’ increase hidden charges by up to 166 per cent in a year”

"The Telegraph”-April 1, 2012 –"British Travellers charged £186m in excess baggage fees”

"This Is Money”-March 28, 2012-"Budget airlines may not save your family money as flight fees take off”

"Excess Baggage Charge” is fast becoming a headache for air travellers. The way that many airlines are penalising holiday makers with stringent "one piece of hand luggage only” measures are unreasonable and unfair.

We are aware that there are multi-pockets vest already in the market to deal with the meagre carry-on allowance, but wearing one does not come without the ‘embarrassment’ of an oversized jacket. Bagket manages to kill two birds with one stone; it is not only a smart and practical 22-pockets jacket vest, it takes a matter of seconds to turn it into a fashionable shoulder bag which you can carry around.

Either to wear it or to bag it, we have fashioned an air travellers’ jacket vest/bag to save money and time, but still allow you "to travel in style”. Bagket pays for itself after only two uses and will then start to save you money, time and risk of losing your belongings for many years to come

Click onto the Newsletter page on our website and read the full text of the articles above in bold letters. These are just a few articles out of many that are directed at the extremity of excess baggage charges laid upon travellers by airlines (in particular, low cost couriers).

Bagket is a 22-pockets jacket vest made of 100% high quality polyamide. Amongst the pockets, a number of them are specially tailored and sized to hold travel essentials like a laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, passport, wallet, toiletries and reading materials. Thereafter, trainers, T-shirts, shorts, flipflops, keys, notebook, pen etc. can all fall into place.

Your carry-on luggage allowance can be anything from 5 kg to 10 kg, whilst an empty carry-on luggage itself weighs an average of 4-5 kg. Bagket, weighing 1.1 kg, can be packed with 6-7kg of essentials listed above and thus can carry more than a carry-on luggage.

We noticed that most travellers are understandably hesitant in wearing the "multi –pockets” jackets already available in the market for this purpose since they look unfashionable, are bulky and a hassle to have to wear throughout the journey. Bagket is the fashionable and practical substitute. Bagket is the answer.